Online Quran Translation Course

Quran Translation

Translation of Quran Classes Online

Translations of Quran classes are designed for those who want to understand what Quran says in its surahs and verses. Translation of Quran learning provides a foundation to understand Arabic with translation.

First step is to understand the Arabic language, and then we interpret the meaning in the light of Quran. Quran academy is well-known for online teaching for translation of Quran.

Our course has different parts as described here:
  • We start from a few Arabic words and ask the students to practice.
  • Then we teach verses with word to word meanings, explaining each word.
  • When we are done with literal translation, we teach our students the contextual meaning of the verses and words.
  • With Quran Lights, you can learn the real back ground of verses, like why they were revealed and what the purpose was behind.
  • Online teaching for translation of Quran would give you the real understanding of whole Quran. Our teachers are available according to your time schedule.

    Quran is not only about reciting; instead we encourage our students to understand it with exact meaning and explanation. Through Quran's revelation, Allah unveiled the guidance and enlightenment for us.

    Understand Meanings of Quran by Qualifies Scholars

    Quran Academy has highly qualified scholars and teachers who make translation of Quran learning easier for all age young and old.

    By thorough learning, you can spread the knowledge of Quran to others. Through translation of Quran classes you can even become a role model for others by implementing the knowledge to your life.

    Our course is formulated under expert care with an aim of inserting in students the holy Quran with full translation. Our staff is available all the time to guide students through different processes, including registration, course outlines and in-depth course details.

    Don't waste your spare time in worldly matters; instead put some effort in understanding Quran. Our translations of Quran classes are also available for 3 days trial.