Qaida Class for Beginners

Qaida for Beginners

This course is a beginning of learning Quran. The student will learn how to pronounce Arabic alphabets, connect different letters, and understandsymbols and the basic rules. Qaida for beginners' class sets basic foundation for reading and understanding Holy Quran in the right way.

Qaida for Beginners Classes for Kids

Qaida for beginners classes are especially beneficial for kids who are learning for the first time. Starting from basic letters, online Qaida for beginners learning will enhance kids' reading skills.

Muslim parents alwayswant their kids learn HolyQuran. Since parents are busy most of the time, so Quran academy has designed online teaching for Qaida for beginners that will take them to their right destination.

The Qaida includes Holy scriptures that help kids learn Quran and recite it. Qaida for beginners' course is designed for ages between 4 to 15 years old kids. But, other age groups are also allowed to join the course.

Qaida for beginners' course focuses on errors, allowing maximum errors to happen and then correct them. So, the student will not repeat errors while reciting Quran in the later stage. Right pronunciation and recitation will further help student in Namaz, hadiths and Qalma.

Qaida for Beginners Classes for Adults

Online teaching for Qaida for beginners is not only for kids; instead Quran Academy has also designed it for adults. We start from free coursesto see strong and positive points of students.

If the student is a new learner then we start from the beginning, or in other case we start from certain Surahs to help student improve his basic knowledge. The coursealso includes Namaz and Duas which are essential. This course is designed for all age groups, including current Muslims or the converts. It's very important for new Muslims to learn Quran from beginning, so our Qaida for beginners' course will help them a lot.

Elders can join the course according to their time; we can adapt any time schedule that makes Quran Academy unique. We also arrange makeup classes for elders in certain circumstances when the student wants to join any current class.

Qaida for elders is also good for those who want to improve their skills. MemorizingQuran is not essential in this course. Even if any brother or sister wants to learn spelling or pronunciation we will manage that.

We offer 3 to 5 days trial class so you can make your decision to join Qaida for beginners' course.