Frequently Asked Questions


What if I am waiting online and my teacher is not there?

Ans: Please call us on the provided number then we immediately arrange your class.


What if I want to cancel my class?

Ans: Your cancelled class can be rescheduled.


Do I have to give credit cart information to any one?

Ans: No, you are not required to give credit card information to any one.


Is there any offline payment method?

Ans: Yes you can make payment with bank transfer, western union, check and mony order.


What if we are not computer expert?

Ans: No computer expertise are required for “online reading quran” only basic information is enough.


Is any discount for multiple students?

Ans Yes, you can get discount for multiple students from the same family.


What do I need to get ready to start calss?

Ans: you will require:-
a. Personal computer or laptop
b. Internet connection
c. Headphone and microphone
d. Install any software for online quran class like “Skype” or “Go to meeting”.