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Quranic Arabic

Basic Quranic Arabic Course Online

Basic Quranic Arabic learning course at Quran Academy is very simple compared to other online institutes. Basic Quranic Arabic classes help brothers, sisters and kids to finally understand the entire holy Quran. Online teaching for basic Quranic Arabic is ideal for those who cannot physically attend any local institutes to learn Quran.

Easy and fast ways to understand Quranic Arabic

Starting with just basic grammar
Some people find Arabic difficult and think that they would learn it in years. But, Quran Lights teaches you how to learn Arabic just through basic grammar. After learning the basics you can string together Arabic sentences in just few hours.

Learning Quranic Vocabulary
Our teachers focus on basic Quranic Arabic learning only through Quranic vocabulary. We teach the most repeated words from Quran that help students understand this language.

Learning through previous knowledge
Most Muslims already know Quran, so first of all we explore them to find their positive points. Previous knowledge would help you understand advanced Quranic Arabic that includes whole Quran. Our basic Quranic Arabic classes are designed, considering people with different knowledge levels.

Online teaching for basic Quranic Arabic at Quran Lights is provided according to everybody's schedule. Morning, evening and afternoon classes run all the day for different genders and age groups.

Basic Quranic Arabic classes cover different topics, including introduction, masculine singular, feminine singular, conjugation of singular nouns with 3 parts, revisions, separate pronouns, attached pronouns, duel nouns, demonstrative pronouns, surah names and meanings, masculine and feminine plural sound, relative pronoun, and some other topics.

Quran Lights has highly qualified teachers who teach students considering their basic requirements. Our teaching staff includes, hafiz-e-Quran, university graduates in Islamic studies, and scholars with PhD in Islamic studies. We can meet the needs of advance technology and our online courses are compatible with latest devices.

You can learn basic Quranic Arabic online from the comfort of your home. This course will help you recite, and understand different surahs and ayahs. Better understanding of Quranic Arabic will also help you in your Salah.

You can also join our trial classes before getting admission in any course, including basic Quranic Arabic course.