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Basic Quran recitation is very important as recitation is not just learning, it's an art. Different tricks make you good in Quran recitation. Basic Quran recitation learning becomes easier with Quran Academy. The academy offers basic Quran reading classes for everybody, including men, women, young and old.Online teaching for basic Quran reading at Quran Lights is available 24/7, so you can learn it from anywhere in the world.

Reciting an ayah without interruption means you are reciting well.It does not just involve reading, because while reciting Quran you have to focus on words and pronunciation. Though, people learn recitation, but can't control theirbreath, and that needs practice. Basic Quran recitation learning with us will make you perfect in all rules.

We teach our students how to hold breath to increase their stamina for good recitation. In our basic Quran reading courses, students learn how to hold breath for 30 seconds and take it upto 100 seconds or more with practice.Basic Quran recitation learning gets polished after several practices.

We start from 30thPara as it has easy surahs, and most students already know them.Our course covers short surahs with basic rules of tajweed. After students get perfect in short surahs, we proceed to long surahs. This trick of basic Quran recitation learning is simple, but highly effective, especially for kids.

Quran Lights has highly qualified teachers who teach students according to their time schedule. You can learn Quran reading online from the comfort of your home. Whether you recite, ponder on ayahs, or follow Quran teachings, involvement with Quran is the best worship. Good recitation also helps you correct your Salah. We also teach our students to perform Salah by reciting right, as otherwise your Salah would be useless.

Our prophet Muhammad (SAW) said "Recite!" and that shows the importance of recitation. So, we as Muslim should focus on Quran, and Quran academy is always there for online teaching for basic Quran recitation for kids and adults.
There is a famous quote of Abu Hurayra that says,
"I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, "Allah does not listen to anything so gladly as He listens to a Prophet with a good voice chanting the Qur'an aloud."