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Basic Grammar

Basic Arabic Grammar Course Online

We provide high quality online teaching for basic Arabic grammar course. Basic Arabic grammar learning at Quran Lights will make you perfect in a little time, because our teachers focus on special techniques. Basic Arabic grammar classes are designed for all age groups for both men and women.

Basic part of online teaching for basic Arabic grammar course includes the introduction of words, phrases, and sentences in the language. In this course the students have to focus on a single topic i.e. grammatical inflection that is important in every language.

Quran Academy has designed the course in such a way that it easily covers the core issues of Arabic grammar. We have divided the course by breaking it into different sections;

A- Basic level
1. Identifying the Words; in this part we teach students to identify words and see how they are categorized.
2. Understanding Phrases; understanding common phrases' structures based on certain terminology, and concepts.
3. Use of sentences; understanding sentences and how they are used.

B- Grammatical inflection
In this section of Arabic grammar course, we teach our students the definition of grammatical inflection, and different sates of Arabic grammar, and how they work.

C- Inflection
In this part of basic Arabic grammar Classes, the teacher helps students learn which words in Arabic language inflect and which don't inflect.

D- Study of reflection
This part makes students aware of how grammatical states represent on inflected words.

E- Understanding grammatical states
It includes types of states, like nominal sentences, verbal sentences, adverbs, exclusions, disambiguation, genitival states, and grammatical extension. Each topic covers different percentage of grammatical states.

F- Some additional and advanced topics
This section of basic Arabic grammar learning course has 4 parts, including gender, numbers, plurality, and definiteness.

Whether it's Arabic or some other language, you can learn only through practice, including lots of reading, writing and speaking. But, in basic Arabic grammar course we will focus more on reading. The student is asked to read texts with and without vowels to its teacher.

Our teachers for basic Arabic grammar course learning are available according to your schedule. You can also join our trial classes before getting admission in any course, including basic Arabic grammar course learning.